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"Perfectly shaped in the right places"

Everyone, welcome Jenna back from having a short break.

First of please note that Jenna have increase her rate to $300 p/h. For the service you are receiving its a bargain.

For many it gets easier each time to write a review when you've seen a fantastic WL a couple of time, me on the other hand I'm lost for words with this review. How would I describe my encounter?.... Think of Jenna as a Mercedes AMG GT the ultimate driving experience, perfectly shaped in the right places, attention grabber and a fine piece of automotive that is to be driven to its extreme each time its on the road/track. Here's the thing, once in a while you will do the totally opposite and just take it easy and take it for a relaxed drive down the country road enjoying its luxuriousness. This is how I would best describe our encounter this time.

I booked Jenna for 3 hours and instead of a full on multiple rounds, this encounter was tamed down and relaxing that I think we only went for one round. This one round is still filled with the same action of passion/enjoyment as previously just slowed down to enjoy the time together. What did we do the rest of the time? Well we actually just lay on the bed that is soaked from Jenna squirting multiple time and chat like two really good friends.

Sorry guys for the lack of details and possibly a boring read, as I said this time I really struggle to put words to describe our fantastic encounter together. Maybe Jenna can write a review if she feel that I'm not doing justice for her this time.

Will I be seeing Jenna again? You can count on that.

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