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"Pretty darn intense"

I had a night to myself up in the blue mountains before a boys weekend so I decided to look for an outcall to keep me company. Simply put the only option was Jenna...

But what an option to have

She's unlike all the other escorts I've seen in terms of body shape she is Curvy plus where I typically go for slim and has very large boobs. I'm not that much of a boob man so given I typically look for slim girls they're typically much smaller breasted.

She has a particular "talent" that honestly I'd never really known much about nor really been into.

So all up all i can say is, it was an eye opening encounter

She's a very passionate lover and maintained a level of intensity from more or less the moment she stepped in the door until it was time to leave one and half hours later

Very good kisser which is a big thing with me. I also like to know the girl is also having a good time and when she comes by God do you know it. That was incredibly sexy and on its own enough to bring me back

Holding her whilst we made out was also pretty darn intense and really challenged my own perceptions on what sort of body shape I like. I'll be much more open from now on in terms of what I find attractive

All up I'd definitely recommend it and I'm looking forward to my next chance to head up that way and have another taste.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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