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"She has to be THE squirter in the business"

A few hours ago I just completed a foursome with @Jenna Love, @Keira Swanson and @Charlie Swinton

I caught wind of a tour to Melbourne when they announced it a few months back that they're touring together and it was one on my list for a while since they started doing doubles, I'd seen them both privately before and same with @Charlie Swinton so what an opportunity.

If you've never booked @Jenna Love before then pack your wet weather gear because the tsunami is coming, she has to be THE squirter in the business - RIP housekeeping ?

I'm blindfolded at one point, trying to guess who is giving me head, a few rounds of this with me trying to guess (I don't think I went too good lol) then all of a sudden it gets super warm - that's not someone's mouth! A few short moments later my legs are soaked - there is only one person in this group who can pull off this majestic feat! Keira and Jenna we're using those female condom things - they're not bad if a little interesting looking (big plastic ring hanging out Mrs Gyne) while Charlie was using normal condoms - saves having to swap rubbers on my cock when going from WL to WL.

With the blindfold on at one point there's a warm moist thing in my hand, which turned out to be vagina so I'm trying to play with that, then someone sucked on my finger and I thought it was a vagina and I think I may have grabbed someone's face/jaw by accident trying to manipulate vagina blindfolded while everything else is going on when it was their mouth - oops!

@Jenna Love was fucking @Charlie Swinton at one point, then they switched positions and I was fucking @Keira Swanson with @Charlie Swinton fucking @Jenna Love

We all chilled for a bit shooting the breeze and some masturbating going on for good measure.

These three work together great - if you're up for a FFFM then you can't go wrong with these three.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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