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"She is a real, sexy, confident woman."

Snow White and the 15 Dwarves1

Well folks this was one for the bucket list, a MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMF2 gangbang with DP, facials, CIM, squirting, MSOG. All of this with a girl who looked like she was having the time of her life and that she was excited as we were all to be involved if not more so. Much has been writ by others about her aspect and I confirm it did pleaseth me greatly as well. She is not a stick but then no stick could dish out the pure raunch that Jenna did for more than two hours straight. She is a real, sexy, confident woman.

First off, thanks to Exmelpunter, my DP brother, for putting the night together and for truly underestimating the determination of the 5 pre-paid punters that he expected to no-show and who didn't. He also put up with my jokes for most of the evening much as I did for him. Apologies to any attendee who lost concentration due to our schoolboy humour.

Mention also goes to Sextus B. Demille for his cinematography, truly we were all on his casting couch, ready for our 'close-ups', and to Egypt's version of Rodney Rude who was the minder of his friend, the Monster of Mosul, owner of not a word of English and the biggest schwanz of the night3.

My introduction to Jenna was the highlight, the Gangbang 1st XV filed out of the dressing sheds and onto the field of play where we found Jenna kneeling on the bed, gloriously naked but for a blindfold, a butt plug and her shock of red hair. One at a time we said hello with some DFK and a caress of her beautiful natural DD breasts and already dripping slit. When it came my turn I found her literally panting with arousal, our kiss turning wild with Jenna trying to lick my tonsils. Nothing more could have convinced me so utterly and so quickly that Jenna wanted this experience over and above the commercial aspect of the transaction. When the blindfold came off in front of Baker's dozen +2 the look of shock on her face was priceless.

Other highlights included:

Jenna's DTBBBJ was AWESOME; she was in doggy at the time bouncing to the rhythm of a cock in her arse (I think it was the Persian Pipe Cleaner) when she began to attempt deepthroat. I rarely get this level of service even from noted artistes but Jenna threw herself onto me, gagging as her mouth gripped my cock. Removing it, she stated I was the thickest most handsome cock she'd ever had4. Pausing for breath she stated she loved a challenge and then managed to take me to the root, bumping against the back of her throat. Several days of abstinence and the overall mood of the room had me rocketing off into her talented mouth and not a drop was wasted.

My first experience of secondary/vicarious anal sex5. That is to say all the earthy mess of vigorous rectal reaming without actually having anal sex. I was riding her doggy where god intended (the Battering Ram of Baghdad having put her arse out of action) when Jenna had a hollering, no hands, squirting orgasm. Now this girl has pelvic muscles that could bend steel and she ejected MiniP, squirt and a modest but noticeable amount of santorum6 over poor, poor Polonius, much to the mirth of Exmel.

However, I being a man of the world (and having seen Zack & Miri Make A Porno), wryly laughed it off as I hit the showers. Not Jenna's fault, rather I blame Sextus and his zoned out tapping of Jenna's arse...or it could have been the Tigris Terror, whatevs.

Having dressed to go at the end of the night I went in to find Jenna and to say my thanks. She was still busy with a stayer but her pussy lay unattended. A little DATY and she again began to sigh and shudder. Having seen this girl continually blast off from vaginal stimulation alone I had to assize her G Spot. It was not difficult to locate, the size of a good sized grape and swollen to the touch. With only a few 'come hithers' she fountained for one last time and flopped back, exhausted7.

In conclusion this was a great experience and once the shock of meeting the team, stripping with the team and barring up with the team had passed, I had a great time. The only downside, as I confided to Exmel at the time, was that I was now bound to make the pilgrimage to Kellyville to selfishly have Jenna all to myself without all the other greedy buggers!!

Happy Birthday Jenna! I shall return.

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