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"Sublime. Undoubtedly."

Sublime. Undoubtedly. Absolutely. BINGO!

I was delighted when I saw Jenna responding to a post a couple of weeks ago. Could this be true? Is the Goddess back after almost 2 years. Yes she was back. God's gift to men was actually back. I contacted her and turned up at the nominated address at 10am not knowing what to expect. Has she changed. Would she be different.

Jenna met me at the door in her school girl's uniform. Curvy, Gorgeous, and Oh that red hair. It was then I realised that she never really left. She was always in my mind.

We kissed at the front door, like long lost lovers. Jenna has this delicious way of gently moaning as she kisses you. Made me feel special and that she really wanted to see me.

Went to the room, and I slid my hands under her dress. Her pussy was dripping already. OMG. I could not wait. Lay her on her back, deeply kissed her, whilst finger fucking her. Barely three strokes in and she squirted..about a metre out. I had enough time to catch some of it with my mouth. So I lay between her legs. Three fingers in her anus and five fingers in her pussy. And she squirted, squirted and squirted, all over my face. She tasted of maple syrup. We must have done this for a good 30mins, with Jenna making sure she kept herself hydrated, then she got between my legs and went to down, sucking my cock. She can really deep throat with lots of gagging & spitting. She is happy for you to take charge and I feel she loves when you do so.

Time to fuck Jenna. On her knees. Slid my cock into her anus. Though I wanted to see more squirting. So slid from her anus into her pussy. She had a dildo which I then pushed all the way into her anus. Then I fucked her. Boy did I fuck her, with Jenna moving back to meet my thrusts. She told me when she was cumming and I would pull out, and she would squirt. I would then use my mouth on her pussy and she would squirt some more.

How does she do it? I could not last much longer and she willing knelt down and let me face fuck her, whilst holding her red hair in both hands. I called her name, over and over and over again as I shot load after load right down her throat. All I could do was collapse on the bed which resembled a busted water bed. Jenna is so prepared, that she had the bed covered in a dozen towels.

Just had enough breath to say goodbye. Hug and kiss her tenderly and drove an hour back home. Could barely walk when I got out of the car.

Gentlemen, please treat her well.She is truly a treasure and a gift to all of us punters. I would hate for anyone to do anything to put her off and retreat, which she has done in the past. Take care of her and well be a gentleman.

Thank you Jenna. You are a true professional. I really appreciated and valued the time we spent together. Until we meet again….

Originally posted to #AuXXXReviews

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