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"Such an intelligent and receptive woman."

Jenna is a girl I had been wanting to see for a long time. Definitely one for the bucket list!! Made the contact through private message and successfully booked a session with her. WOW!!! Was this my lucky day or not?? Nothing ventured, nothing gained so off for a long drive to her address.

Arrived at her home to find Jenna in her schoolgirl uniform, complete with pigtails, black stockings and suspenders. Real St Trinian's look!!

Upon inspection discovered she had forgotten her panties. Uh Oh!! Out of uniform calls for punishment. bent her over and applied a good spanking. Pussy was VERY wet.... Time to explore with fingers in the pussy and up the arse.... This girl was dripping!!! A very vigorous rubbing of the clit and a thumb in the ass resulted in the inevitable gush of warm, sweet squirt. WOW!! Jen then began a hot wet bbbj and a little rimming. All this before we even got to the bedroom.

Lay down on the bed while Jenna applied that luscious mouth to cock, balls and nether regions...... Dear God... This girl was born to suck cock.... Lay, kissed and cuddled for a while and then asked Jenna to take control briefly and go to town she certainly did!!. On with the rubber and she sat on my cock and used that wonderful pussy to thrill me with a sensation milking routine..... FMD!! Not wanting to cum yet had her straddle me, take a dildo in her arse.... and squirt over my chest..........mmmmmm!! Now how could we clean that off???

Just lay together and talked about anything and everything. Such an intelligent and receptive woman. I really enjoyed our discourse.... learnt a lot about this beauty!! From here on it was all even more mind-blowing.

The head games began!! Challenging this ravenous creature to test herself and push even harder. My devious and filthy mind [Ha Ha] was working overtime. She even told me I REALLY WAS a dirty old man!! LOL. I'll wear that badge with pride.

Eventually, after a gruelling time, Jenna brought me to climax with a wonderful combination of blowjob and tromboning. No shirking as I spilt into her mouth! And then she.............. mmmmmm!!

Hit the shower and rinsed off..... and left Jenna with a 'pile of laundry' LOL.

As I left she remarked about the letters of my number plate...... very fitting!!! Hey Jen?? as is yours LOL.

Altogether an incredible experience!! I'm sure, as we get to know more about one another, our encounters will become even more exciting.

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