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"The experience of a lifetime."

I have seen Jenna a few time before this and each time its always a fantastic experience. There have been a few reviews of Jenna lately mainly on her standard FS. This review is a bit different from the others.

Well there's always a first for everything, ask me at the start of this year if I would ever consider pegging and the answer would be no. A previous visit to Jenna struct up the conversation between us of what naughty things we should try next. I have always been a vanilla person in terms of sex and lately Jenna has bring out a side I never knew exist. Jenna suggest I should try pegging and being open minded I said sure why not.

So on the day I was excited to see Jenna and nervous at the same time. I did send a email or two in between to find out more about pegging mainly about preparation and Jenna was very knowledgeable providing me with advise and recommendation. As usual I rock up at Jenna's place she always look beautiful, I even joked if she greet me without make-up and a messy hair she would still be beautiful.

Not going to go to much details, but the session commence with DFK, followed by BBBJ with Jenna on her knees and me returning the favour with DATY and sure enough her legendary squirts happens. Next thing I know I'm lying on my back with Jenna giving me a BBBJ again and rimming me. I must say I really enjoy this, I was then told to get on all four and Jenna got me all relaxed with a bit more rimming and lube up my anal and her finger. She slowly insert a finger in and asking me if every thing was ok and to let her know if she need to stop.

Not long after Jenna ask me if I ready for the main event, PEGGING! as I know I'm in good hand I told her to begin, at no time was I ever in pain/ discomfort and soon Jenna was fucking my ass. I would highly recommend anyone that's thinking of pegging to visit Jenna.

So what did I gain from this experience? Surprisingly I really like it and may have learn a thing or two about having better anal sex. I will definitely be back to see Jenna again in the not too long future.

Thanks Jenna, for the experience of a lifetime.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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