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"This is the dirty funny girlfriend you always wanted"

Nervously followed directions even stopping for "something" not chocolate as an icebreaker. Then checked I was in the right place and knocked at the door, greeted like a long lost boyfriend. Given the hour (early) she was dressed simply in a comfortable t-shirt and I can't remember what else...but it wasn't on for long maybe she thought I was a potential no show or as I said, given it was early...

Led through to a comfortable bedroom, we the played sometimes softly, sometimes firmly, a little stray to the firm side and back again, sometimes with props sometimes without during this time I was engulfed in punter phoria a new term for knowing nothing will be the same again, this is the dirty funny girlfriend you always wanted. Her joy and commitment is total, the stories of plentiful orgasams and eruptions of geyser like fountains are true. It was a truly magical hour that whence the planets align again I will be repeating, safe in the knowledge the familiarity from this hour will sow the seed of another great session.

Please treat her with the respect she deserves, dont overstep her boundaries, if you can find them.

DT left drained and smiled all weekend, thank-you Jenna.

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