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"This session turned out to be a really great GFE, I dare say like the real deal."

First punt for 2017 and I'm 100% confident to say nothing will top it this year (unless its with Jenna again). It really was that good. I've been absent from punting for 8 weeks and I was nervous and anxious to finally meet Jenna. I contacted Jenna immediately after reading the review as I don't want to missed out again. Confirmed the booking the day before and Jenna text me the address and instruction.

Came the big day today and I was super excited that I woke up before the alarm clock. I made an early booking with Jenna, 8am to be exact for 2 hrs. I enjoy the longer session as it allows me to relax and get to know & explore. There is nothing wrong with an one hour session but if I waited this long, 2yrs you just cant rush.

Just as I pulled up at Jenna's sanctuary I receive a text message, it was Jenna informing me that her neighbours are outside and she will greet me like well known acquaintance. Well I must be a special acquaintance since she greet me hiding behind the door with just a lingerie (Jenna correct me if I'm wrong). Once the door was shut she started kissing me and lead me to the bedroom. Took care of the financial side and off to the shower.

Came out of the shower and I was greeted by Jenna in the hallway where the passionate kissing resume. I was getting so turn on that I started getting an erection causing the tower around my waist to fall off somehow we made our way to the bed and we had a chat of what we both like. Kissing continue and I explore Jenna's body caressing and licking various area before I request the lingerie to be remove to play and taste her pussy. OMG I must have got the foreplay part right as when I insert my finger Jenna was very wet. By now we know what happens next, while fingering and kissing/sucking her clitoris Jenna pussy muscle tense up and she started squirting. I manage to catch some of her liquid and it tasted..... well exactly like what Jenna comment above, like water.

Cant remember what event happen next but I do remember Jenna giving an awesome blow job while maintaining eye contact, the view was exactly like her avatar picture. Obviously sex in a few position where Jenna was really enjoying her time as my dick was soaked at one stage and the bed had multiple wet spot.

This session turned out to be a really great GFE, i dare say like the real deal. Nice slow, relaxing and passionate.

Guys if you get to see Jenna treat her with respect and don't be stupid. Respect her wishes and no means NO! For those that cant track all the way to the Lower Blue Mountains, I have permission form Jenna to say that she work on weekends at Michelle's and or Nirvana under the name Poppy. The rate will be different as she have to charge according to establishment rate. PLEASE DON'T HAGGLE THE PRICE!

Thanks for the great time Jenna, we shall meet again.

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