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"We kiss as old lovers. Like only Jenna can."

It was difficult to arrange a time with Jenna but we finally settled on a day and time. Every time is better than Christmas. This was no exception.

Jenna greets me in a lovely bra and panties and a black, see through, cape type gown. Her skin is flawless.

We kiss as old lovers. Like only Jenna can. We fondle each other. I release her breasts and just kiss and suck. She seems to enjoy it. I work down her belly and then start kissing her hips and her arse. Jenna turns to face the wall and then leans over. I keep kissing and remove her panties. I am kissing and rubbing her clit. I could not help myself and I just started to rim her arse. She was panting and gently pushing back. I am rimming and pushing my tongue into her beautiful bottom. I am rubbing her clit and then gush. Jenna squirted like I had not seen before. I loved it.

Jenna dropped to her knees and gave me her magic and deep BBBJ. She looks up at you so innocently as she swallows your member. My eyes are fixated. Eventually I had to get her to stop. I had to make love to this woman.

We started in Mish with lots of kissing. I love feeling and kissing her breasts. We then go sitting Mish, side saddle and doggie. Back to side saddle as I love rubbing Jenaas clit and getting her wet. Because of the way our legs were. We seemed to dam up the juices.

I asked if I could do anal. Jenna just smiles and nods. In I go. Side saddle and fingering and rubbing her pussy. More squirting. Jenna does let you know vocally, and squirtingly, if she is enjoying herself. I am no great stud but I seem to rise a level when I am with Jenna.

This seemed to go on for a while. Not complaining at all. I withdrew and we had a breather. Jenna offerred to suck me to completion. I meakly said yes please. She was amazing. Jerking. Deep throat, gagging, spitting slow and quick. It was not long and I had to explode. Jenna slowed down for me and just kept going until I was flaccid in her mouth. She swallows the lot with a smile and we kiss.

Afterwards we just lay down and chat and cuddle. I could talk with Jenna for hours. If I have a windfall I would love to overnight with Jenna. Have dinner and drinks. Talk about everything and have her work her magic. That is on the bucket list. I can't get enough of her.

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