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"What a wonderful woman."

After almost 18 mths the stars lined up and I booked Jenna for 30 mins. First cab off the rank

She walks in with this beautiful black lingerie that just covers her gorgeous assets and in bare feet. Her broad smile lit up the room. Held my hand and off we went into the room.

Jenna made me at ease immediately, so sensuous, smiling, gentle, straddles me and kisses me deeply. I had to come up for air. She then takes off her top, and guides my face into her cleavage. What's a man gotta do now. I nuzzled her tits and sucked her nipples for what seemed like an eternity.

She then crawls between my legs, gentle takes off my pants and starts sucking my dick. No hesitation in deep throating. My cock has never felt harder before. She must have gagged at lease six times with no problem. And all the time looking right at me with those big eyes.

Onto the bed as I wanted to experience the squirting first hand. Her pussy was soaking even before I got to it. Did not wait and buried my face into her juicy pussy. She wanted two fingers inside and I obliged. So here was I finger fucking her, and licking her clit. I kid you not, she squirted on my face at least four times and gushed juices another two times. The towel and my face was soaking. She wanted to taste her pussy and I put my fingers into her mouth. She then wanted to taste her pussy on my mouth, so here we are deep french kissing with my mouth drenched in her juices. By the way I loved the way she tasted.

Wanted to fuck and into doggie. What a sight. Her gorgeous arse, and me banging away. Jenna was moaning so much and she squirted twice in that position.

Then to missionary. Unbelievable. She held her legs right up and The Steed kept pounding. She would push my cock out and squirt. Just as she squirted, I would get down and finish her with my mouth. We must have done this another six times and each time, I kept saying to her..."Cum for me one more time"..And Jenna obliged each time.

Finally with barely 2 mins on the clock she sat on the floor and asked me to cum on her face. In try porn star style, with a hard cock, and Jenna's open mouth and tongue sticking out, I shot the biggest load, one spurt on one cheek, the other on the other cheek, and then pushed my cock in her mouth and unloaded the rest. She swallowed the lot and kept my cock in her mouth until I finished.

I collapsed on the couch with Jenna giggling like a school girl. I think she loves seeing men being putty in her hands. And make no mistake..she loves sex

What a wonderful woman. Next time it will be 60 mins.

Thank you Jenna. See you again soon

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