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"You better bring your wet gear"

After my first booking with Jenna, I knew I had to make a special request to Jenna for an overnight to help make my 30th birthday memorable. Contact by email and after a few message we finally get it all organised. As the days was approaching to the booking I was getting really nervous and excited.

On the day, I pick Jenna up from her place and we drove to the hotel in the city. The drive to the city was great with Jenna companion. We talk the entire time and not long after we arrived at the hotel and check in. Upon checking in the lovely hotel receptionist ask if we were celebrating any special occasion, I said yes it was my birthday so she organised a complimentary special gift to be send up to the room. Sounds fantastic, but as we were in the lift I/we both realised that we have to wait until room service send our gift up to start any naughty business.

Hold that thought, as soon as we entered the room and finish exploring the amenities, Jenna began DFK and we foreplay each other while still dressed. You could see the look in Jenna eyes that she wants more however we have to refrain ourself and I knew there and then this will be the best night for me and I hope one of Jenna too. Luckily not long soon room service arrive with the complimentary gift.

I'm not going to go into full detail of what happen during the rest of the evening, night and morning for various reasons as we all wound understand, however I can summarised that Jenna's BBBJ is to die for, she can squirt like the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas and you better bring your wet gear! Also I get to experience new things/sensation that I have never experience before, thanks Jenna!

I highly recommend fellow punters take good care of her when you do get to see her. Respect her wishes/choices and you will have a great time.

I'm already trying to book another time with Jenna as soon I apply for a day off from work to visit Jenna for a shorter session at her place soon.

Jenna, once again thank you for your time and I hope you weren't late for your commitment after but if you were I apologise and my commitment after was really boring. Here's a shower thought for you...There's a big difference between a guy and a girl saying "I went through a whole box of tissues watching that movie”

Originally posted on #AuXXXReviews

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