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"You honestly feel like you have known her ages"

As you can probably, already, tell.

I had the pleasure of visiting Jenna today.

I rolled up with a handful of Chomps and the anticipation of meeting Jenna for the first time. Was all the hype worth it?


I was greeted by a lovely lady, who was also well groomed and was instantly made to feel comfortable. You are greeted like an old friend. Her kisses are magnificent.

I won't go into all of the details here. I will save it for Gold!!! And trust me! It is Gold!

Jenna is a curvy and sexy woman. She is easy to talk to and is well educated as you can discuss many topics and the conversation just flows. You honestly feel like you have known her ages. She has this ability to make you feel so at ease.

She is passionate and enjoys sex. She also enjoys it more if you are in heaven. I went to Heaven, Valhalla, the promised land, you name it and she took me there.

My Ex Wife ( they are the good ones) used to get quite wet. Nothing like Jenna. The water works were better than "Wet and Wild".

It was a lot more fun than Wet and Wild

My tip is that you don't take the kids.

The downside of my visit,!!!








Thanks Jenna. You made me feel welcome and shared with me a most memorable time

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